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About Me

The Official Bio:

Clare Frank served as the State of California’s first and only female Chief of Fire Protection. She began firefighting at age 17 and worked her way through the ranks, handling fire and rescue emergencies and major disasters in both urban and rural settings. Along the way, she earned a spot on an elite state command team, a bachelor’s in fire administration, a law degree, a master’s in creative writing, and several leadership awards. Now, she brings humor and candor to her stories about first responders, lawyers, and life. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, New York PostSan Francisco Chronicle, CNN Opinion, ShondalandFireRescue1, and others. Her first book, Burnt: A Memoir of Fighting Fire is now available at a bookstore near you. She lives near Lake Tahoe with her husband and always a dog or two.

The unOfficial Bio: 

"It's Been Fascinating" 

Written & read by Ben Busch, UNR at Lake Tahoe MFA

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My Current Top 3 Decrees:

 ~ It's totally okay to have chocolate, and only chocolate, for breakfast—but please don't bring that weak-ass milk chocolate crap.

 ~ Dogs are God's best work. I say this as mine unearths our landscaping drip system.

 ~ I have time for social media or a pickleball addiction. I choose pickleball.

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